The Transportation Management System (TRANS) is designed to administer your fleet of vehicles and the drivers who use those vehicles. It features all the forms and tools for maintaining the vehicles, driver details, insurance and licensing details, PM and other requirements.


  • Complete employee/driver database with all details for their licenses, insurance, past accidents and current status including details for their supervisors and units.
  • Complete vehicle tracking including licensing, insurance, inspections, renewal dates, mileage, fuel usage and much more.
  • Full reporting system with Daily logs, Monthly Vehicle Reports, Mileage Logs, Preventative Maintenance, Oil/Filter Change Intervals, Repair logs and so much more.
  • Ability to restrict drivers
  • Rental vehicle logs
  • Vehicle locator ability
  • Trip Master
  • Daily and monthly vehicle inspection forms with electronic signature. All forms are electronic…no paper.


  • Know what you have, where it is, who is driving it and what the vehicle and driver history is. Just these few items can save you from a truly bad situation when you have no control over your transportation department.
  • The superb built-in reporting also allows you to analyze fuel costs, repair costs and other ongoing maintenance fees.
  • Keep your insurance rates lower by tracking the right data and making the best use of it.
  • This program is a true cost reduction tool that shows benefits and savings from the very first month.