The TAS Service Coordination System (SCS) was designed in 2009 for a major provider in San Antonio. The system is now in use elsewhere and continues to receive excellent reviews from all users. The system is primarily for IDD (formerly MR) services and provides all the necessary tools for managing HCS/CARE, GR and TxHmL providers and clients.

This system features remote capability. Your staff can capture data and signatures at client or provider locations that do not have wireless connectivity and then upload to our server upon return. One click and it’s done!


  • Automatic download of CARE data with auto-update
  • Complete TDADS form system for printing
  • Client Data form with automatic or manual data entry
  • Hierarchical data structure where each form provides auto-data-fill to the next in a structured sequence Forms available include:
    • Service Coordination Assessment
    • PDP Outcome Summary
    • Care Plan
    • Direct Service Encounter
    • TxHmL Signature Page
    • 2260
    • 2261
    • 3612
    • 3615
    • 3616
    • 3617
    • 8648
    • PDP GR
    • PDP IP
    • Specialized Therapies Disclosure
    • Specialized Therapies Request
    • IPC GR
    • IPC 8582 GR
    • HCS IPC
    • 8577
    • And others as needed….
  • Reports include:
    • Service Coordination Assessment
    • Care Plan Report
    • DSE Report
    • PDP
    • Care Plan Reviews Due
    • PDP Renewals for Case Managers
    • Many more…
  • System has complete signature capture capabilities using signature capture device or PIN for in-house or mobile use
  • System is setup for auto-transfer of form(s) viewing by remote users or providers from a separate web address. Remote user must request a form and be granted access by the facility staff. Remote user may then view, print or save the record. Access expires at a pre-determined time.


  • The TAS SCS System is modularized. This means you can take exactly what you want or everything. It also means we can add components that you may require specifically for your business, even if the component is not already a part of the system.
  • Your data is safe and secure on our servers and backups occur every single night. You have no IT overhead with TAS systems and your computers do not require that any other software be loaded unless you wish to use capture devices or label printers.
  • There is no need to print anything. This is a true “Electronic” system.
  • System is HL7 compliant (when such is required), HIPAA compliant and meets the requirements for both CARF and The Joint Commission.
  • System works exceptionally well in any type of behavioral healthcare environment.
  • This system saves substantial time and money when used in either in-house or mobile settings. In some cases up to 50% of your current cost to administer HCS/GR/TxHmL.

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