Our Risk Management System is considered the ultimate tool for managing all types of risk-related and audit associated functions at your facility. There is no question that lawsuits are rampant in any healthcare environment nowadays and this system helps you avoid such potential problems before they can occur. From incident reporting to fire drills… this system has it all.


  • The TAS Risk Management System features the following:
    • Incident reporting for patients, staff, visitors, vendors
    • Injury reporting
    • Medication Errors/Incidents
    • Staff notifications
    • Site Assessment Surveys (CARF & Joint Commission approved)
    • Incident Follow-Up
    • Guardianship tracking
    • Patient Rights tracking
    • Drills (Fire, Tornado, Bomb, etc.)
    • Facility Inspections
    • Fire Inspections
    • Safety Meetings
    • Safety Equipment Inspections and Tracking
    • Auto-Email Notifications for high-risk incidents
    • Online Document Storage/Retrieval
    • Desktop/Laptop/Tablet
  • Complete reporting system with over 20 preset reports with ability to drill down
  • Search system that is capable of finding a single person, text string or activity anywhere in the system.


  • Our users have reported a substantial decrease in claims-related issues due to the effectiveness of this software. Workload for the Risk Management Officer is significantly reduced while real-time data is instantly available. All TAS reports are real-time, not point in time as all other systems.
  • This system provides all required data and reports required for self-insured or risk management co-ops or pools.