Features of the system are tailored so that your employees can request purchases and work (both internally and externally), have the order approved by their supervisor and then placed at the disposal of your finance office. Just some of those features include:

  • Separate purchase types for Client Costs, Office Supplies, Vehicles and all other supplies
  • Ability to set recurring orders
  • Delivery specifics
  • Chart of Accounts coding at source
  • Online approved vendor menus for easy choice
  • Complete cost control
  • Work Order processing for regular, priority and urgent requests
  • Full suite of reports, approval screens for each step and tracking from A to Z.
  • Also available with Employee Expense reporting, Travel Requests and Employee Scheduling modules.

This system fills all the potholes that most finance programs leave behind. It places clear, concise data at the fingertips of your finance staff and makes it easy for the supervisory staff to check on orders at any step along the way. It will save you serious time, effort and money.