The TAS Prescription Assistance Program, or PAP, was first designed in 1994 and was one of the very first truly automated systems for such in the USA. Over the years this system has been constantly updated and now ranks as the most effective available anywhere. In fiscal year 2013 this program saved our Texas clients over $50 Million Dollars in free drugs received. No other company came even close to this amount of savings and our systems are substantially cheaper than theirs.

The TAS PAP is a full service Internet based program. This means you can use it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good Internet connection. Nothing is loaded on your computer. It runs from your browser. The PAP is fully HIPAA compliant and secure. Best of all… it is easy to use!


  • Complete patient demographics and financials recording with the ability to link to your EMR system.
  • Complete transaction dialog that makes it easy to place orders, reorders and re-enrollments.
  • Your own drug list that you can maintain. Update drugs, prices and manufacturer details at will.
  • Your own Physician list with the ability to have one doctor serve multiple locations while centralizing the drug delivery location.
  • Automatic Drug Form filling from the database.
  • All drug forms are updated by TAS as they change or are replaced with new versions.
  • Ability to clone existing orders for a substantial time savings.
  • Complete reporting section with over 30 menu-driven reports. Reports allow dollar values, date ranges of your choice and easy drill-down which would normally require a report writer.
  • Ticklers for reorders due, overdue drugs, forms submission, financial assessments and other time-sensitive information.
  • Simple system for handling patients that leave your area and then return.


  • This system allows you to process significantly more patients per day than anything else on the market. The reporting and tickler systems insures that your patients stay on track for orders. Your directors will love the financial reporting.