This is a completely electronic and paperless system for medical record tracking and retention.

The MRTS uses barcodes and other tools to easily track retained records, whether paper or digital.


  • Records to be retired to storage may be either scanned and placed on our server or stored at a location of your choice. In either case a full retrievable record is made of the location and the following is available:
    • Record Identifier
    • Location
    • Bin
    • Date Stored
    • Date Due to be Destroyed
    • Last Action Date of Record
    • Type of Record
  • You have the ability to grant viewing access to providers or other users electronically. User may view, print or store the record. Separate website is used for the remote users to request and view records.
  • Substantial number of reports are built in to the system.


  • This system takes your medical records management to state-of-art levels. Time to process is reduced significantly while security and control are enhanced.