The TAS Free Samples System, or FSS, was first designed in 1997 and is the only automated system for such in the USA. Our clients recognized that manufacturer free samples were not being handled responsibly and many were not accounted for and ultimately being destroyed. With the high cost of drugs it is imperative that all be used as efficiently as possible and this system helps you do just that.

The TAS FSS is a full service Internet based program. This means you can use it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good Internet connection. Nothing is loaded on your computer. It runs from your browser. The FSS is fully HIPAA compliant and secure. Best of all… it is easy to use!


  • The system is “doctor-driven” meaning that all drugs received, dispensed or transferred have to have a doctor associated with them.
  • Complete transaction dialog that makes it easy to receive drugs, dispense drugs or transfer drugs to a location that may need them more.
  • Your own drug list that you can maintain. Update drugs, drug coupons, starter kits, prices and manufacturer details at will.
  • Your own Physician list with the ability to have one doctor serve multiple locations.
  • Automatic filling and printing of dispense labels for pill bottles or packages.
  • Complete tracking of LOT numbers and expiration dates of samples.
  • Ability to expire samples.
  • Complete inventory control.
  • Complete report system with dollar values.


  • This system allows you to maintain 100% control of your valuable free samples.