The Employee Travel Management System (CWTS) is one of our most money-saving systems for facilities. Mileage costs can quickly get out of hand and eat up money that would be better spent on patient care and staffing… or your bottom line.

This system uses the latest technology to not only save you money but to help your employees also.


  • Built-in mapping to assist employees as well as to help your finance people make sure the trips are valid and mileage is correct.
  • Pre-set trips may be added for standard mileage
  • Users can enter mileages from any computer with Internet browser
  • Patient care trips can be tracked by patient and need for visit
  • Billing codes can be pre-set by trip or trip type
  • Users can input vehicle mileage or just total miles
  • Round trips take just one click of the mouse button
  • Supervisors approve mileage so finance does not have to check every trip.
  • Average time savings for the Finance Department is 120 to 200 hours per month.
  • Average mileage savings per month is 12-25%. This is due to many factors but primarily mapping and ability to enter mileage the same day.


  • The primary benefit is the huge money savings you will experience. Correct mileage charges are almost impossible to administer without this tool. This solves a lot of constant problems like different charges for the same trip, duplicated trips, different mileage for one leg of a round trip and, of course, fraudulent charges.
  • It is also of note that the ability to enter charges on a daily basis without having to do it on paper or return to the office (a charge in itself) means that data is fresh and usually more correct than when memory is used at the end of each month.
  • Your employees can be paid for mileage in a timely manner.