We could easily write a book on custom application design. It is how we have managed to survive and thrive over the past 20 years and we do it better than any other company out there.

Every program in our arsenal is the result of someone asking us if we could provide a solution to a problem. There was a need for speed, or the task was taking entirely too many staff hours, or it just seemed like there had to be a better way. No matter the reason we sat down with management and the end users and came up with an idea for a new application. This is not an easy task. You don’t just walk in where you have no experience and start dictating what a company needs. First you listen, and we mean “really” listen, to every step in the current process. Then you fall back on your own business experience and your programming experience and what the users have told you and things will start to click. Of course any deficiency in your business or programming skills might make it click the wrong way. That’s where we take the lead. We are very, very good at what we do.

All of our applications are designed for use on the Internet. We have plenty of experience with stand-alone and client-server programs but unless you absolutely must have that we stick to the net. We use state of art tools. That is not a worn out phrase to us. We really do and that is why our users love us so much. Our databases and user interfaces are easier to use than anything else you have ever seen in a business application. If you can use the Internet you can use our systems. This makes for far shorter training times and upgrades are easily recognized and mastered quickly.

Lastly, we make custom application design easy for you. If we accept a new project we typically do not charge a penny for the design process. We are so certain you will like what we do for you that we cover the design cost and you pay only the normal monthly lease fee. That lease fee includes help desk, training, normal upgrades and a lot more. Also, we do not enforce a long-term contract. We feel that if the program does not do what we said it would or what you need done then you should not be locked in to paying for it. Give us a 30-day notice and we are out of there. Obviously this doesn’t happen very often or we would not be here.