TAS Prescription Assistance Program Saves Houston Center over $1.2 Million In One Month

By August 6, 2012 News No Comments

TAS has long been known as the premier provider for Prescription Assistance in the State of Texas.

We were the very first software provider in Texas offering a top-to-bottom solution for PAP. In the past year our program saved Texas MH and IDD providers over 50 million dollars in drug costs. Yep…you read that correctly! Let’s face the fact that no one will ever provide the amount of free drugs that your own people will. Other companies may entice you with a “free PAP service” but you need to ask yourself how they can do that? Truth is they will always find a way to get their money and your facility will be the source. Top that off with the fact that along the way your staff will still be doing 90% of the work. Let us show you how to maximize your free drugs and free up all that money for things that make a real difference. Things like actually caring for your clients.

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