There are three major reasons to use our company:

  • We are the best at what we do
  • We are in this business for the long‐haul
  • We offer absolutely fanatical service

Few companies have the experience, resources and quality staff that we have. TAS has proven time and again to be the go‐to team when our customers need very high quality applications in a short time frame. Our personnel know business and they know what a business needs to survive and thrive. We bring that talent to the table with every product we release.

TAS started business over 23 years ago with one customer and a lot of desire. We built our clientele one at a time through referrals, not through advertising. Today we have many customers but our service is even better than when we had only one. This diligence and attention to detail is something you simply will not find with other companies. They are more concerned with delivering any old product and cashing your check. Also, we do not lock our customers into long‐term contracts like most providers. If our programs do not perform as expected simply give us a 30‐day notice and we are out of there. You should never have to pay for something you can’t or don’t want to use. Sound crazy? Some of our new clients (and all of our competitors) thought so until they figured out our customer loyalty rating is the highest in the industry.