Texas Applications Specialists, Inc. (TAS) represents the pinnacle of quality software application development. Our team encompasses over 100 years of programming experience and nearly as many years of business management experience. We are very different from other programming shops because we place business experience above the programming experience in all of our applications.

Let’s face it…there are thousands of good programmers and programming companies for you to choose from. Every single one of them highlights their experience writing application code and the modern tools they use. But how many of them have actual business experience? How many of them have staff members who have actually run large companies and truly know the business process? This is what sets us apart in the quality department. We know how businesses actually run, what it takes to get a job done, how users actually approach a program and how to make their job easier and more intuitive. We also know what management needs at the end of the day. The reports, analyticals and ability to not only find the data but have it appear in a format that actually means something is paramount to any operation. We are experts at providing just what you need in a way you will readily understand and appreciate. Our customers have come to rely on us when any difficult job needs a healthy dose of automation with a superb back-end for management. We are fast, thorough and entirely mindful of the needs of every person who will use our systems. Quality? With TAS it’s what we’re all about!