Q. How do you price your software?

A. All TAS software titles are leased to the customer. We do not normally charge for development, setup or customization. There are no long‐term contracts and no maintenance fees. Lease prices depend upon anticipated number of users, bandwidth required and number of records expected.

Q. What other software must we have on our computers or servers to use TAS programs?

A. Absolutely none! All you need is an Internet browser and a connection to the Internet. You can use our software from anywhere in the world.

Q. Can we use non‐Microsoft Internet browsers?

A. Yes. Our software works with all popular browsers and printers.

Q. What is the story on upgrades, help desk and other support?

A: Help desk is free and available 24/7 by email or phone. There is never a charge for upgrades we feel are necessary and our support team is absolutely fanatical about taking care of you.

Q. What if we need modifications to the program that are just for our business?

A. We built our reputation on customization to suit your particular needs. If it is at all feasible we will do what you require and you will pay little or nothing extra for it.

Q. Are your systems secure?

A. Yes. We use 256 bit encryption (the highest available) and enforce state of the art techniques for Internet security. Additionally, all TAS systems are HIPAA compliant.

Q. Do you perform backups of our data?

A. Absolutely. We do a complete backup of all data every day around 2:00 AM. We do a complete archive backup every week on Sunday and put it on DVD for storage in a fireproof safe. We can also perform selective restores in the event a particular customer accidentally deletes a record.