Founded in 1991, Texas Applications Specialists, Inc. plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry with a host of targeted software solutions designed to enhance workflow while providing substantial savings in time, effort, money and IT overhead. TAS has delivered software application development, testing and maintenance for many clients across the nation. Based on our collective experience, we have developed a set of technological solutions that result in better quality products, shorter time to deployment, and higher user satisfaction.

What We Do

Since our inception over 21 years ago TAS has provided application development services to healthcare centers, hospitals, petroleum companies and other high-profile clients. Our job is to listen to your needs, frame a solution to meet those needs and then design an application to exceed your expectations. Our staff includes project engineers, designers, database specialists, system integrators, programmers, report design specialists and help-desk specialists. All of our software applications are Internet/Intranet driven.

What We Use


C# and .NET Framework 1.3 and 2.0 are our main development platforms. MS SQL is our preferred database but we are adept with Oracle and other database technologies.

Development Tools

Visual Studio .NET is the integrated development environment (IDE) for all development. We make extensive use of SourceSafe for our source control needs. Visio is our design and documentation tool. We often include Visio/Enterprise Architect/Rational XDE generated UML diagrams in our documentation. Project is used for project planning and Adobe Acrobat PDF is used to generate deliverable documents. Code Analyzer is used to check all C# source code for compliance with coding standards and best practices.

Design Tools

Our design team has its own tools. Corel Draw for all graphical needs, Macromedia Dreamweaver for Web design, MacromediaFlash for animation and various report design tools including HTML, XML, Crystal Reports and others.

.NET Desktop and Web Application Development

In order to succeed in the ever evolving and dynamically changing business environment, features such as easiness of GUI navigation, flexible business rules, data mining and data transformation services are crucial for any application. Just as important are server, desktop and HIPAA security, role-based access to information, backup/archiving, failsafe and auto recovery, trail-back and application logs. We achieve all these goals by using the full range of .NET framework functionality.

.NET Software Product Development

We are committed to providing your product development needs, such as short development and testing lifecycles, reducing development costs and enhancing application functionality. Our product development and engineering framework encompasses the full circle beginning with strategic planning, conceptualization, architecture and design, development, testing, deployment and enhancements, and ongoing support for both product and user.

Migration of Web and Desktop Applications to .NET

For enterprises facing the need of application or database migration, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. Some common reasons for migration include issues of obsolete technology, scarcity of resources for maintaining older applications, complex architecture and scalability problems, business logic changes, integration problems with other systems and difficulty in upgrading a system for new user requirements.